Holy Sh*t
Where to make an offering to the porcelain throne in North Park, CA.

Part One
Why Make This

Picture this, you live in North Park, CA, you’re out with your friends enjoying the day and drinking some brews from all the local spots, when you suddenly hear your stomach start to rumble. You and your friends walk over to Lucha Libre Taco Shop and down some delicious pork tacos. As you go about your day at the next brewery you start to feel that your tacos may have come back to haunt you. Oh no! You must now stop talking to the girl at the bar and make a run for the bathroom. Quickly, you find the bathroom but find that its far to disgusting to look at, let alone sit on. Now you must keep looking around to find a suitable spot to “download your brown-load”. But with a Holy Sh*t book you can better anticipate the situation and find the nearest location to drop your douce.

Part Two
Creating a Graphic Style

Designing a graphic style that can properly communicate the humor of this subject was a challenge. Understanding that I would need to create abstraction to convey my message was key. For example, a realistic picture of a toilet communicates something different than a cartoon version. You have more room to communicate something different with a cartoon version rather than a photograph.

Finding inspiration

When designing this style I looked for something that can carry that crude topic or toilet humor and communicate that in a playful and fun way. I ended up finding inspiration from cartoons such as “Family Guy” and “The Rugrats” to create a style.

To create a style for toilet humor I got inspiration from cartoons.
To create a style for toilet humor I got inspiration from cartoons.


I chose red and baby blue as the color scheme for two reseasons. First and maybe the most important, its not brown. Brown is often associated with the poop emoji along with other toilet aspects and I wanted to distance this from that. Second, baby blue and red was a playful and fun color scheme. I analyzed some of the mentioned cartoons and this color scheme seemed to communicate well.



Part Three
Final Results

Designed & coded from scratch by Eduardo Hernandez
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